(Hare and Hound)

The HareHound iApp lets you track the location of another iPhone. With this application you can become the "Hare", and another iPhone becomes the "Hound". The GPS co-ordinates of the "Hare" are uploaded to our secure database server. The "Hound", when using the unique "Hare Number", can download the co-ordinates to show the Hare's position on Google Maps. This application allows you to become a "Hare", and a "Hound" at the same time.


The first time you use "HareHound", your "Hare Number" will show as "Not Registered". Just touch the "ON/OFF" switch and you will connect to our server which returns a valid "Hare Number". This number is unique to you, and is automatically saved to your iPhone. Tell your friends this number and they will be able to track you, but only if they also have "HareHound".

You can touch the "Hare Name" box to input a name or message which will be displayed when your pin is touched on the "Hound" map. Only 26 Alpha-Numeric characters can be used for the "Hare Name". You can change this name at any time. If you leave your "Hare Name" blank, a "Hound" will see it as "Private Hare".

The timing bar gives you control over how often your co-ordinates are transmitted to our server. Selecting a longer interval will help conserve your iPhone's battery.

If you are having problems with network access, the iApp will display how many transmissions have been dropped.


You will need to have been told the "Hare Number" of the iPhone you wish to track. Touch the "Keypad Input" at the top of the view to enter the number, then touch the "ON/OFF" switch to track the location of the Hare. Try Hare Number 1000 as a test. He's always on the run!

When a Hare Number has been entered into the input box, you can associate that Hare with an existing contact in your iPhone Address Book by touching this button.

Touch the "Contact" button if you want to track a Hare associated with a contact from your iPhone Address Book.

Touch the "Crosshairs" button to re-center the map on the Hare you are currently tracking.

The "Purple" pin shows your "Current Location".

The "Green" pin shows the location of the Hare you are tracking. This Hare is "Live". Touch the pin to see the name and time for the Hare.

The "Red" pin is shown when the Hare has gone "Stale" and may no longer be transmitting co-ordinates. Touch the pin to see the last known time for this Hare.